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The Application Management program that Agri-tech Aviation used this past summer exceeded all of my  expectations. While most programs have a very steep learning curve, this program is so user-friendly that anybody can learn how to use it in just a few minutes no matter how well adapted you are to computer technologies. Most important for me was how much more effi cient and professional I could be with our farmer customers. I could manage our aerial application from anywhere anytime of the day with no stress! 

Barry Tlach
Business Relationship Manager
Agriland FS Inc.

I used to dread aerial application season because of all the time it took to make hand tickets and maps, until the guys at Application Management showed us their system! Their system is user-friendly to people of all computer skills. Not only did it make my life easier, but my customers loved watching me write the order right in front of their eyes. It made it easier to write, track and bill the order accurately.

Brent Deppe
CCA Agronomist
Sully Cooperative Exchange – Newton, IA
The Application Management program is so quick and easy to use that it takes most of the work out of writing aerial application orders. Wes and Jay developed a program that fi ts our need for fast, accurate ordering. The program lets us review the orders on a minute by minute basis and takes the guess work out of what has been sprayed and when. 

Dennis Janssen CCA
Seed Director
Sully Cooperative Exchange – Sully, IA