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About Us


ApplicationMGMT.com was created in 2009 as an in-house work order system that was designed to be simple, to improve efficiency and organization. After implementing the system for that year with overwhelming support from our customers ApplicationMGMT.com decided to start marketing the service to aerial applicators nation wide.

After four successful years offering ApplicationMGMT.com Aerial Applicators ApplicationMGMT.com has taken the next step by creating a new system that is catered to Ground Application. The new system is geared to improve Ground Applicator both large and small with the need information from start to Finish.

ApplicationMGMT.com also created an Applicator App for IPhones and Droid Phones which we believe is the first of its kind. This app allows the applicator to fill out all the needed completion data and it links it to the online order in real time.


It is a web based cloud system that simplifies the work order process for both the operator and the customer and is accessible on any computer or mobile device that has an internet connection. 

No downloads or backups required, all data and programming is based at an offsite server and is backed up continuously. 

ApplicationMGMT.com is self administered, easy to use, and secure. 

ApplicationMGMT.com is a multi tiered program that allow different levels of access for each user. (Example: Head office sees all, Location office see their work orders, Agronomists there their work orders)

ApplicationMGMT.com requires an up front annual subscription based on number of locations that has no restrictions on number of orders, acres, or customers.


Jared and Weston Sharp are the heads behind ApplicationMGMT.com. The idea of the program has been a vision of their father Terry Sharp for many years. After two very hectic years in 2007 and 2008 the Sharps looked at other very complex systems and decided that they would just design and build their own.

The Sharp’s knew that in order to have a successful program it needed to be simple to use and learn because there is little time to spare during the busy summer season. After several months of trial runs in house, using Terry as there test subject, they finished there project just in time for the 2009 season. That year turn out to be a good year with little stress and no mistakes. Their customers were hesitant at first but quickly realized the value ApplicationMGMT.com had for all parties involved. Because of the success The Sharp’s had in their own business it was decided to market their program to applicators nation wide.

Because ApplicationMGMT.com is being used by the Sharp’s themselves you can count on them always supporting ApplicationMGMT.com.